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Annual Production - VERVE 3.0

Dear Team,
The annual function,verve 3.0 was a cinematic excellence that we witnessed.
Hats off to all the members of the school community for showcasing the masterpiece and especially thanking you all for making the day special for us as parents and for creating lifetime memories.

Divya and Anshul Arora
Parents of Madhavi Arora-Nur C

Dear teachers,
After the spellbound performance of suncitizens I actually am at loss of words to express my gratitude to the entire suncity family for such a great performance.
As parents we are truly touched with the every minutest detail that you have considered. From costume, to makeup, sounds, graphics, dialogues, script, creativity to name a few, we were just at awe. Trust me the graphics, lights and sound made us feel as if we were watching a grand finale event of popular tv show or award ceremony!!
No wonder the show was a great success. The efforts put in from everyone not just students but from educators to management to make every prop , every graphic that come in live is truly commendable!! We could feel the sweat behind all these.
It is a taxing effort to make children perform with perfection, but you have ensured 100% participation with ease!! Hats off to you and all the efforts that you have put in.
Another aspect was YouTube live! Your decision to leverage technology has enabled so many friends and relatives specifically grandparents to watch this show! In their words, they were mesmerised by each and every performance.
We are feeling blessed with our association with you and expect our child Anaika to scale greater heights under your able guidance.


Hello Preeti Mam,
I will start with a big thank you to encourage and give us the confidence to participate in the annual event.
As it is so nice of you to support us at every time whenever we need. Give free space and flexibility in consideration of taking care Kridha.
And it was a wonderful experience to be the part of such a well coordinated event and we regret if we were not the part of this event.
Again I would like to thank you and Bhawana Mam to support us and show confidence in us.

Thanks & Regards
Aman & Divya Nassa

A very good morning to you.
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding annual day event that took yesterday. It was truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience for all involved.
From the moment we stepped into the school premises, it was evident that an immense amount of effort and dedication had gone into planning and executing the event. The decorations were enchanting, the performances were mesmerizing, and every aspect of the event was meticulously organized.
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the entire staff at Suncity School for their hard work and commitment in making the annual day a grand success. The passion and enthusiasm exhibited by the teachers, administrators, and support staff were truly commendable. The special care that was extended to special children for their health issues is truely commendable.
Furthermore, I would like to applaud the students for their outstanding performances. It was evident that they had put in a lot of effort and dedication to showcase their talents on stage. Their performances were not only entertaining but also inspiring, reflecting the nurturing environment provided by the school.
It was a joyous occasion filled with laughter, creativity, and a sense of community spirit.
Once again, thank you to everyone involved in organizing this memorable event. Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed and are deeply appreciated by the entire school community.
It truely was a jaw dropping experience that I could not stop writing an email to express all this.
Looking forward to many more successful events in the future.

Thanks & Regards
Aman & Divya Nassa