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Global Learning

“Knowledge shared is knowledge squared."

Sitting at home, they traveled around the globe! Sharing their expertise and learning of Tech tools, the students of Grades VIII and IX attended collaborative sessions with schools located in different countries around the world .

For students of Grade VIII it was -Vinschool Times City, Vietnam, VVDAV Public School,India and SK Batu Balai, Jerantut Pahang, Malaysia. In this session Suncitizens shared photo editing tips with partner schools and learnt video editing tips & scratch software from them, while Grade IX traveled to Greece ( all thanks to Microsoft TEAMS and their ICT educator)and collaborated with Kiki Xynta and her students from Foreign Languages School, Greece. They played the mystery country game and exchanged cultural information. They also shared their knowledge of Python (an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics) by Creating a Binary Calculator and differentiated between cores and thread. The partner country presented 'Greetings Around the World' on #wakelet and gave instructions on how to greet. They were joined in these sessions by their ICT educator Ms Manju Chhillar and school Principal, Ms Guneet Ohri