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The Fable Festival


The Fable Festival

Listening to fables and reading them every single day in the month of July, the ‘Fable Festival’ taught Grade I and II students, important lessons and developed a strong foundation for the enjoyment of fiction. They explored fables, which play an important role in highlighting and demonstrating character traits. The reading comprehension was encouraged and students kept developing their reading abilities. Retelling fiction read- aloud, and making opinions orally demonstrated understanding of reading comprehension skills. The students read stories that enhanced their core vocabulary words and through repeated exposure throughout the lessons, began to use some of them in conversation.

Culmination of the ‘Fable Festival’ , benefitted the students as they used their sparkling ideas in creating their characters with a great enthusiasm. They dressed as unusual characters and used props thus leaving a lasting impact upon the audience. They developed important skills like eye-contact, confidence, and appreciating others. They created crafts to retell and sequence the fables. They experimented, expressed and created meaningful experiences.

All in all it was great learning for them which they will remember for times to come!