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Student empowerment is the corner stone towards building successful leaders

“Student empowerment is the corner stone towards building successful leaders’

Realizing the importance of the need to apprise parents about their role, the students organized their first a live session, a webinar on ‘Positive Parenting – role of nutrition and overall wellbeing’ for the students and parents of the school .The event was organized on 28th August 2021 from 5 to 6 p.m. Dr Manish Mannan, HOD Paediatrics & Neonatology and Dr Rishi Bhardwaj, HOD Opthalmology from Paras Hospital, Gurgaon were the expert speakers. The session started with the welcoming of the esteemed guests by Anushka Singh (School Committee Captain). Milind Kapoor and Angel Jain , members of the Webinar Committee, introduced speakers.

In the session that followed ,the speakers apprised the audience on how the lockdown has impacted the overall physical, mental and emotional health of children, the importance of nutrition and the need to follow clear guidelines during online schooling. They shared valuable tips and ways to take care of eyes during online classes and the urgent need to make fitness, a priority.They also stressed upon the need to go by scientific evidence to develop a protocol for their children and not be influenced by scientifically uncorroborated information.

An interactive Q & A round was handled by Yashraj Kaushik and Divyam Jain, wherein the parents clarified their doubts and concerns. Advay Singh concluded the session with a vote of thanks.The session was ably moderated by our Principal, Ms Guneet Ohri.

At backend we Jayashree Kakkar and Shaurya Rana wh managed the photography and all backend glitches.With all the groundwork done by the students, this webinar was a stepping stone for student empowerment.