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In this virtual age, as Godfrey Reggio said

In this virtual age, as Godfrey Reggio said, "It's not that we use technology, we live technology".

The students in the ACERS – TechnoKrats club as part of their 1st project were tasked with the challenge to create games in Microsoft PowerPoint. The team was divided into groups of 5 and got creative with their team names - META 2.0; Technokrafts; Fantastic 5; Tech-Tronix; S.T.A.C.K. The team members were assigned roles starting from Project Manager (along with the team of Programmers, Designers, Artist & Animator, Sound Designer & Games Tester).

Students collaborated with their team members after school hours to Conceptualize – Plan – Test - Execute the game that they created. On completion, their project was showcased in a culmination competition that was held during the weekly club hour. The event was judged by Ms.Marjolein Hoekstra from Netherlands (Global MIEE and a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) & Ms.Guneet Ohri, the school Principal. After a lot of excitement, team Tech-Tronix emerged as the winner. Our enthusiastic techies are eager to take on their next project head-on.