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Parent Walk-in *

Role reversal- Young learners as educators and parents as young learners

Parent Walk-in is a remarkable component of Suncity Schools where learners don the hats of educators and recapitulate their conceptual learning accentuating the essence of “Multiple Intelligences”.

Our efficient students of different sections of Grades II astonished their parents with the marvellous execution of the Virtual Parent Walk-in organised from 6th to 10th September 2021. The parents became learners to be taught by the budding educators. It was an extraordinary exhibition of role reversal and flipping of the classroom. They used various tools and techniques to reinforce the concepts to ensure that learning happens in an interactive with ample scope for inquiry. Under the guidance of their educators, the students undertook multiple rehearsals to prepare for the final event. Young educators allured everyone not only by their confident concept elucidation but also by their technical expertise. Their flawless performance left everyone awestruck. Parents applauded the effort put in by the educators and appreciated the individual guidance that was provided to each child. The Principal, Ms. Guneet Ohri addressed the gathering by congratulating all the students, educators and parents for participating enthusiastically in the event.

All in all, a delightful and a great learning experience for all.