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Food We Eat

As part of the monthly theme -“Food We Eat”- our young and talented students of Grade III showcased their versatility by dressing up as chefs and demonstrated the flameless recipes step-by-step. The activity integrated well with the celebration of September as “Poshan Maah”. They

**Identified the nutrients in the ingredients along with the spices and condiments used to prepare the dish.

**Mesmerized the educators with their performance as little chefs .


**Shared informative recipes supported by the use of food materials, cutlery and utensils.

**Understood the significance of a balanced diet and its importance in keeping us fit and healthy.

This activity not only helped the young minds essaying a particular role, but it was also a great learning experience for all the classmates as well. The session culminated with the educators emphasizing the importance of each nutrient for the overall growth.