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Earth Day

Suncity School 37-D Gurugram celebrated Earth Day with special emphasis on'Save Soil' . The students were sensitised towards the conservation of the soil which is getting depleted. The activities were planned and initiated to also make students aware of the elements which actually help to form the top soil and how deforestation is leading to depletion of the top soil.
Grade III: The students went on a ‘Scavenger Hunt Activity’ in the school garden and collected the dry/dead leaves and petals along with twigs which are shed by the plants and which gradually turn into manure and make the soil fertile. The importance of trees and plants was highlighted for our ‘Mother Earth’ and its conservation to the students.
Grade IV students were involved in the ‘Germination Activity’. The students were motivated towards the significance of ‘Afforestation’ which helps in keeping the top soil firm and bind through their roots. The students sowed seeds/pulses in used juice cartons and paper cups to understand how plants grow .
Grade V students participated in a ‘Poem Composition’ after a short discussion with their respective teachers about soil conservation. The activity invigorated the mind of students towards the conservation of soil and eventually the Mother Earth. The poem composition was integrated with the Earth Day Activity to put the thoughts of students into words.
Plant Seedlings in Decomposable Materials:
Grade V students also got an exposure to decomposition and reusing materials at the same time by sowing seedlings in empty cardboard egg cartons. The seedlings were kept in the classroom for charting growth, to be further then planted in the school garden by the students.
A Special Assembly was held in the school auditorium by the students of V B to celebrate the Mother Earth. A mellifluous song and a thoughtful skit dedicated to soil conservation was presented by the students.
The events rekindled the spirit and concern of the youngsters towards saving Soil and consequently life on Mother Earth