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Waste isn-t waste until we waste it

‘Waste isn’t waste until we waste it’
Waste management (or waste disposal) includes the processes and actions 
required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal.Staff of Suncity School -37D were privileged to be addressed by Mr. 
Krishna Kumar Gaur, Vice President- India Chapter ‘Blue Planet Asia’ 
https://blueplanet.asia along with his team. ‘Blue Planet’ is a global waste management company headquartered at Singapore. Known to uplcycle, recycle and repurpose end-of-life using environmentally friendly technologies thereby contributing to a circular economy. The programme has been designed to raise awareness and to incorporate sustainability learning opportunities into our daily lives. The session connected with the grassroots 
realities and allowed the participants to examine the social concerns like the 
reusability of waste and ways to upcycle material into something of equal or 
greater value. The impactful session displayed a simple yet effective way to encourage students, staff and parents alike, to learn how to use resources efficiently and become ‘Planet Warriors. The school plans to kick off the drive from July 22.