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Grade I and II to the Dinosaur Park

“The best education you’ll ever get is travelling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.”-Mark Patterson

To learn something new, look back at your past! What can be more appropriate for our young Suncitizens, than traveling millions of years back into the world of ‘Dinosaurs’! Suncity School-37 D organized an educational field trip for the students of Grade I and II to the Dinosaur Park, a diorama created within the premises of Airia Mall. The exuberant children bubbling with excitement, got a close experience of an ancient living being on land, perfectly syncing with the theme for this month- ‘Animals’ and SDG 15 ‘Life on Land.’ This informative trip not only helped in developing verbal linguistics and visual-spatial learning skills but also helped in inculcating self-management skills in the children. The curious minds learned about different types of dinosaurs, their physical features, habitats and eating habits. The tactile stimulus of the replicas enabled the children to feel their textures. The learning experience culminated through creative and impressive reflections, displaying the understanding of the children. This educational trip successfully provoked inquiry in the children and kindled their zeal to know more about the dinosaurs and their era.