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Minecraft Experts in Minecraft

As Paul Lockhart said, ““Teaching is not about information, it’s about having an honest intellectual relationship with your students”.

The above quote completely holds true for our school, where the teachers became students and the students very comfortably and ably  donned the hats of  Minecraft Experts in Minecraft. 

Vaibhav Venkatesh & Advay Singh  of Grade X took the teachers through a comprehensive 2-day workshop on Minecraft. The complete workshop involved, the students taking ownership to plan the workshop module starting with Learning Objectives to Learning Outcomes. Game-Based learning is an integral part of the 21st Century Skills which promotes Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking of the Learner – both students and teachers alike.  Subject Integration is an important part of all that we do here at Suncity. How Minecraft can be used to Teach and Learn in different subjects was also part of the workshop that was made interesting by our young SMEs by showcasing few examples. 
Of course, the workshop does not end without certifying the learners. The students created a Minecraft Workshop certificate that was signed by our SMEs, Principal Ms.Guneet Ohri and their mentor Ms.Manju Chillar.