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Organic Bazaar

If you do just one thing- make one conscious choice- that can change the world, go organic.” - Maria Rodale

Plants are nature’s gift as they are beneficial to us in many ways.

Without plants, there would be no life on planet Earth. They provide us with a variety of things to fulfil our daily requirements including food to eat, air to breathe, clothes, wood, medicine, shelter and many other products. Therefore, to raise awareness about the importance of plants, the students of Grade II, put up an exhibition titled ‘Organic Bazaar’, on 23rd August 2022. Our young enthusiasts displayed all the products obtained directly or indirectly from the plants like spices, cotton, jute, organic tea, herbal medicines, juices etc. They laid stress upon going organic by highlighting the importance of using natural products. The Grade II students were interviewed by the students of Grade-III, as ‘Peer Educators’ and assessed the knowledge and understanding of the young learners on the topic ‘Plants and their Uses’. The innovative and engaging activity was a perfect amalgamation of the four C’s of the 21st Century learning skills- Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication.