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Farm to Plate Activity

Farm to Plate Activity# Sustainable Development Goal 12# Responsible Consumption &Production # Doing more with less…..

‘Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.’

We, at Suncity School 37-D have always believed that our children learn best by experiencing and doing. Keeping true to our pedagogy, we hosted a costume party for Grades I on the theme-‘Farm to Plate’. This was in-sync with the monthly theme ‘Food’ and SDG -12, ‘Responsible Consumption and Production.’

Our young and talented children showcased their versatility by dressing up and doing a short role play as one of the key players in the farm to plate food cycle. Children came dressed up as Farmers, Vegetable Sellers, Milkmen, Grocers, Chefs, etc. and mesmerized us with their performances and informative scripts supported by the use of outstanding props such as tools used at the farm, green grocers market props, chef’s kitchen models and many more. They also brought one food product according to their occupation and emphasized upon the importance of buying direct from farmers and local vendors. Last but not the least, the message of ‘Zero Food Wastage 'was brought forward and the children took the pledge of not wasting food in their plates.