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Manner Development Visit to Panchgaon Proudly Desi

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use”.

Amidst the cheers of Hip hip hooray, crunching of cookies, clicking of photos, our suncitizens reached their destination, ‘Panchgaon Proudly Desi’. They exhibited an important aspect of social mannerism by greeting everyone, right from a neatly dressed Durban to all the staff members. After stressing on the importance of handwash, students were demonstrated an appropriate way (usage of cutlery and a cloth napkin) for consuming interesting food items – Wheat pasta, garlic bread and kheer. It was a pleasure to witness the frequent use of magic words, ‘Thank you, excuse me’ by the responsible suncitizens. Children practiced the table etiquettes and acquired the life skills which will be with them wherever they go and whatever they do.

The weather also supported us in our noble endeavour and we visited the organic farm at Panchgaon. They saw a few food items such as banana, orange, brinjal, herbs, sugarcane but the most surprising was the pumpkin sized LEMON and the ship of the dessert-Camel.

As children reached back school, they expressed gratitude to their educators and said, ‘Thank you’ for the wonderful ‘Manner Development Visit’.