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GPSC (Gurgaon Progressive Schools Council)

Suncity school, 37 D proudly hosted the Physical Literacy Workshop in collaboration with IPLA (International Physical Literacy Association) under the aegis of GPSC (Gurgaon Progressive Schools Council) on 5th November 2022. Our chief speaker, Mr. Ashish Kumar Rawat, Ambassador IPLA him self was a sheer example of physical fitness and resilience.

He guided the educators to the broader VISION OF IPLA “EVERYONE CHOOSING PHYSICAL ACTIVITY FOR LIFE”. by choosing sports, play and physical activities as a tool for the young learners to build their cognitive, physical and fitness capabilities.

The workshop was attended by early years and physical education educators from different schools wherein they got an opportunity to know each other through an ice breaking session and got an insight into the following domains through energetic games :

  • Introduction to Physical Literacy
  • What, why and how of Physical Literacy curriculum
  • Assessment of Physical Literacy

This workshop laid emphasis on physical literacy as a growing global concept which places individuals at a heart of a personal relationship with physical activity right in the formative years of an individual’s life.

We promised ourselves to continue doing our bit and we humbly request all our readers to rise up and take a PLEDGE to empower and establish a fitter and healthier generation through physical literacy. Link attached