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Action for Restoring Environment (ARE)

“What you love, you care for and what you care for, you do not destroy.” - Brother Golo

Pliz, Energy advisor to the Brahmakumaris It was an opportune experience for young environmentalists of Suncity School-37D to attend the two-day Action for Restoring Environment (ARE) conference. Suncitizens were exposed to myriad of ideas for energy conservation and the need for mitigating climate change was reiterated by all the panelists. The conference was spearheaded by Prof. Chetan Solanki, popularly known as “Solar Gandhi” as he is on an 11 years Energy Swaraj Yatra for creating awareness about resorting to renewables. Prof. Solanki gave his own example informing everyone that he has given up ironing his clothes as it consumes an umpteen amount of energy.Dia Mirza, UNEP goodwill ambassador, was the keynote speaker and stressed on leading a sustainable lifestyle. 200 kgs CO2 bags demonstrating per capita per month release of carbon and the unveiling of the climate clock were the highlights of the event. The sessions included panelists from different arenas such as educational institutions, media, industrialists, policy makers from NITI Aayog and Atal Tinkering Labs, and spiritual organisations. A solar energy exhibition was also part of the conference. Students were amazed to see the innovations people are involved in. They were exhilarated to experience Prof. Solanki’s solar house from inside in which he lives while on the road. Students were also surprised to meet Shark Tank contestants who displayed their ingenious energy solutions for problems faced at different levels. The emphasis was on climate change mitigation now more than ever.