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Live Organisms in The Class

“Live Organisms in The Class”

Incorporating role-play into the classroom adds variety, brings change of pace and also a lot of fun!

Students of Grade VI explored the relationship between the animals and their respective habitats through role-play and drama.

Students worked in small groups to choose a habitat to represent through a role play. Through this role play, students explained what are the adaptations of plants and animals found in that particular habitat and what needs to be improved to make it a better wildlife habitat for their plant or animal.[SDG 14 Life Below Water and SDG 15 Life on Land]

Role-play helped our class to spark brainstorming sessions and to see problems or situations from different perspectives. It helped them to understand that all animals and plants are a valuable part of ecosystem. Students became aware of the environment issues on how human beings are responsible for destroying habitats. Students talked about how human activities like poaching and increasing agricultural lands can harm the environment and habitats. [SDG 12 [Responsible Consumption and Production]

Students also prepared colourful shoebox dioramas and models of different habitats! These were effectively used to give information about the different life forms that live in it. Students used common available materials to provide visual representations of the concepts learnt through these models.

The kids had so much fun as they were engaged and excited throughout this activity. They would definitely love to have more of such activities in the class in future.