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Celebrating World Heritage Day at Purana Quila

Celebrating World Heritage Day at Purana Quila – The Excavation site, for students of Grades IX and X.

“To study History is to study change”. History builds empathy through studying the lives and struggles of others. Studying the diversity of human experience helps us appreciate cultures, ideas and traditions that are not our own- and to recognize them as meaningful products of specific times and places. It helps us realise how different our lived experience is from that of our ancestors, yet how similar we are in our goals and values.

To take our commitment to Heritage Education forward, we at Suncity School 37D partnered with the ITIHAAS for an educational and enriching visit to recently excavated site at the Purana Quila in New Delhi
The students were spellbound to see the architecture with double storeyed sandstone structures, flanked by two huge semi-circular bastion towers decorated with white and coloured marble inlays. On reaching the excavation site and having the ASI official explain about the process of such excavations, the students had a number of queries, how do you decide where to excavate? How deep do you dig the trenches? How do you know that the pots belonged to a particular period? Don’t the artefacts break while digging? They demonstrated immense enthusiasm in seeking information about the past and were elated to see the terracotta beads, figurines ,broken pots and ivory seal excavated right from the Mauryan to the Mughal era. The visit ignited the minds of the students and provided them the spark to know more about their culture and heritage.

It  was indeed a once in a lifetime educative, exciting and enjoyable experience for the students and educators alike.