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Cubist Self Portrait Art

‘Art is a harmony parallel with nature’
                                                                          -Paul Cezanne,
The Suncitizens of Grade II displayed a perfect harmony with ‘Art’ and ‘Nature’ through the ‘Cubist Self Portrait Art’ as a part of World Art Day, celebrated each year on 15th April. Contrasting to the literal meaning of cube, ‘Cubism’ is actually a style of art that was founded by Picasso and his friend Georges Braque in 1907. The revolutionary art form was one of the most influential styles of the twentieth century. The ‘Cubist’ painting usually consists of objects or figures, together in the same picture, resulting in paintings that appear fragmented and abstracted. The young artists of Suncity School made an exemplary attempt of creating a cubist-style self-portrait. Through their art, the budding cubist artists painted their own portraits, thus representing real people. Their artistry and ideas portrayed through the paintings made each creation unique. Their marvellous executions were lauded by one and all.