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Investiture and Award Ceremony

With utmost grandeur and inspiration, Suncity School 37D celebrated its prestigious 
Investiture and Award Ceremony for the session 2023-24. The event symbolized honor and 
distinction, as students were installed into positions of authority and responsibility.
The ceremonial lamp was kindled, accompanied by soul-stirring shlokas sung by our talented school choir. We were deeply honored by the presence of esteemed guest ACP Dr. Shahida Parveen Ganguly, while Principal Ma'am delivered an enlightening speech on the essence of true leadership. Mesmerizing Kathak performances enthralled the audience, showcasing a harmonious fusion of music, dance, and storytelling. 
The investiture ceremony marked the installation of our esteemed student council, with a poignant oath-taking ceremony that solidified their unwavering commitment to upholding the values and standards of our esteemed institution. Along with them the nominated committee members (School safety committee, Cyber Safety committee, Peer educator’s committee, Tech committee, Events committee and more) also honoured with badges of responsibility. Later, we proudly recognized and applauded our Scholarship awardees (Scholastics and Sports ) during the prestigious Award Ceremony, celebrating their remarkable achievements Subsequently, Dr. Ganguly shared her awe-inspiring journey, embodying resilience and the transformative power to make a lasting impact. Her words resonated deeply, reminding us of the strength we possess to overcome challenges and leave a profound legacy.
Our newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl, Vaibhav Venkatesh and Gul Jangra, delivered 
eloquent speeches, emphasizing the essence of teamwork and true leadership. They instilled 
in us the belief that united, we can conquer any obstacle and shape an extraordinary future.
As the event culminated with the resonating notes of our national anthem, our hearts were 
filled with the boundless potential that resides within each student of Suncity School 37D. 
Let us march forward with unwavering conviction, harnessing our limitless potential to shape a future that transcends boundaries.