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one more thing to learn!

“Learn continually – there’s always ‘one more thing to learn!” – Steve Jobs
With the above thought in mind, this year’s INSET saw a series of highly productive, insightful, and interactive workshops conducted for the facilitators.
Starting with fitness routines ranging from Zumba to Bangra, Kinesthetic exercises to Meditation, the sessions brought the adrenaline pumping.
From lesson demonstrations for peer feedback to laying emphasis on student and faculty safety, POCSO and POSH  were conducted in the first leg of the trainings.
Classroom Management, Transdisciplinary approach, Visible Thinking, Collaborative Learning & Team Building, Multiple Intelligences, Design Thinking, Observation & Assessments in the Early Years, Mindfulness, Report Writing, Traditional teaching to NEP were some of the sessions that were conducted to strengthen the roots and help facilitators become good mentors 
The veteran educationist, Ms.Lata Vaidyanathan, our school Director, Ms.Rupa Chakravarthy, our Principal Ms.Guneet Ohri, Ms.Kavita Lal, Ms.Sangeeta Baagchi, Ms.Bhawna Singh, Mr.Bijit Sinha and Ms.Jayashree Venkatesh were instrumental in sharing their knowledge and making the sessions engaging and rewarding.