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Parent Walk-in

The most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvements of parents".
                                                                                        -Jane D. Hull
Grade II students  displayed exemplary confidence during the  ‘Parent Walk-in’ organised from 16th to 23rd August 2023. Brimming with excitement and enthusiasm, the students gave a mellifluent start to the morning through the enthralling musical performance. The young minds displayed the integration of the subjects and the integrative approach to different subjects through the theme ‘The world of Animals’. The students became  educators and got their parents as their pupils. It was a flipping of roles, through which the students shared the classroom learning with their parents and simultaneously honed their communication and presentation skills. The enthralling performance of the children, confirmed their progression in scholastic and co-scholastic learning.
 An exhibition based on ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Problem Solving’ was put up by the students which was a part of the project-based learning educational model. The students made the model based on any story of their choice and found the solution to the problem in that story. Students brought innovative solutions to life, based on how real users feel, think and behave. Students used a creative and systematic approach to teach problem- solving and progressed through the stages of Discovery, Ideation, Experimentation, and Evolution in search of innovative solutions to vexing problems.
The program concluded with applause and appreciation from the parents, which was further reflected in the feedback shared by them after the program.