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Love tied with threads of care

"Love tied with threads of care, that's the magic of Rakhi's share."
The young Suncitizens of KG D conducted the Rakshabandhan assembly. The event exuded happiness and warmth, charmingly portraying the precious bond between siblings through an endearing skit. With innocent gestures and heartfelt dialogues, the skit touched the audience's hearts.
Following the skit, the students shared their insights into the significance of Rakshabandhan. They expressed how brothers promise to shield their sisters, similar to how Lord Krishna protected Draupadi in her time of need. Sisters, in return, tie Rakhi around their brothers' wrists, symbolizing trust and affection.
The assembly reached its emotional peak as the children joyfully danced to the melodies of the songs, "बहना  ने  भाई  की  कलाई "and "फूलो का तारो का  ". Their performances added a heartwarming touch to the event, creating a memorable and cherished moment for everyone present