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Janamashthami Celebrations

“Happiness is a state of mind, that has nothing to do with the external world.” -Lord Krishna

In a radiant burst of colour and cultural fervour, Suncitizens came together to celebrate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna, with a spectacular assembly conducted by Grade I D. 

The assembly commenced with a mesmerizing performance of a divine dance. The vibrant costumes and the lively choreography left everyone spellbound. An entertaining quiz was conducted, testing the students' knowledge about Janmashtami and the life of Lord Krishna. The quiz not only challenged their understanding of the festival but also added an element of excitement to the assembly. The participants and the audience thoroughly enjoyed this interactive session. 
The Principal, Ms. Guneet Ohri graced the occasion with her esteemed presence. She highlighted the importance of friendship and selflessness in one's life. In a delightful turn of events, she engaged in an interactive session with the students, encouraging them to ask questions and share their thoughts.

The assembly was a harmonious blend of devotion, entertainment, and knowledge, making it a memorable occasion for all !