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International Year of Millets

“We have to reboot ourselves by switching to organics and millets.”
                                            -Krishna Byre Gowda (Agriculture Minister)
Let thy cereal be thy medicine-In an effort to sensitize everyone to the health benefits of millets and to celebrate the ‘International Year of Millets’ (IYM), the Suncitizens of Grade II organized ‘Millet Mela”-A Festival ‘on 11th September 2023 to celebrate the superfood. The Mela was inaugurated by our respected Principal who praised the children and their parents for their efforts. The aroma of homemade millet based dishes filled the venue as the students participated enthusiastically in the festival and showcased their knowledge about the same.
The children helped in spreading awareness about the five famous millets grown in India: ‘Finger Millets’(Ragi), ‘Fox Millets’(Kangni), ‘Pearl Millets’(Bajra), ‘Kodo Millets’(Kodra) and ‘Barnyard Millets’(Jhangora). The highlight of the event was the diverse range of nutritious, scrumptious dishes such as ‘Ragi Dosa’, ‘Ragi Uttapam’, ‘Fox millet Khichdi’, ‘Pearl Millet Pudding’, ‘Kodo Millet Paniyaram’, ‘Ragi Pancakes’, ‘Bajra Halwa’, ‘Raagi Brownie’, ‘Ragi Laddoos’, ‘Banyard Millet Idli’, ‘Jhangora ki Kheer’, and even a ‘Millet Drink’. These dishes not only tasted delicious, but also had numerous health benefits.
During the festival, students had the opportunity to share their ideas with their friends and teachers, creating a sense of appreciation for the rich diversity of millet-based cuisine. It was heartwarming to see our young children proudly presenting their creations to everyone.
All in all, the ‘Millet Mela’ was a resounding success, focussing upon the importance of including millets in our diet and contributing towards achieving SDG 3- ‘Good Health and Well Being.