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C.H.A.M.P.S- Comprehensive Health And Motivation Program for Students.

At Suncity School-37D, we believe that best results for children are obtained when the school and parents collaborate closely. Health of your child is one such area where all of us need to work together to ensure long-term results. Towards this aim, we cover all our students under an innovative program - the Comprehensive Health And Motivation Program for Students - C.H.A.M.P.S., managed by Healthfort. Run by a team of experienced healthcare and IT professionals whose mission is to work towards preventive healthcare of school children, C.H.A.M.P.S. will bring cutting-edge Healthcare Information Technology to help us better manage and monitor the long-term health of our students.

The Healthfort Mobile App will put all information regarding your child's health on your fingertips enabling you to act at the right time. Some of the key components of C.H.A.M.P.S. are:

  • • Personal Electronic Health Record for students - Aimed to be a single repository of all your child health records, this will enable the school to access:
    • Important Health Information related to your child - like the blood group, any existing medical condition like - asthma, diabetes; any drug allergies, etc. You can imagine how important this information be whenever your child needs to visit the school infirmary.
    • Help you update the vaccination status of your child and receive vaccination reminders so that these crucial vaccines are not missed.
  • Bi-annual general physical examination - basic but essential anthropometric measurements like - height, weight; blood pressure, visual acuity. Turned by the software into interactive Growth Charts and color coded Personal Health Dashboard, these records will be of great help in monitoring your child's health. Apart from these measurements there will be a general physical examination of your child by an experienced doctor twice a year. A summary of these reports will be automatically updated in your app.
  • Real-time alerts from the school infirmary - in case your child visits the school infirmary you will receive instant notification regarding the reason for visit/the management of the condition.
  • Updates from various school experts - whenever your child meets any of the school experts like the psychologist, the special educator, etc. you will receive updates on your app.
  • Online Electronic Health Records - you will be able to simply click and save all medical documents related to your child like lab reports or pediatrician's prescription, etc. Over a period, this single repository would turn out to be invaluable vault of your child’s medical records.
  • Health Trackers - keep track of your child's weight, height or temperature in case of fever or physical activity each day.